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So today I went to school tired and not feeling at all well. We had a test in English class that wasn't such a big deal and I decided to go in a bit late, work on some of the things that needed to be done before class I could hand in.
I walked into the study building where my friends were and a guy stopped me, for the life of me I can't remember his name. I think it's Michael or maybe Justin. Anyways he introduced himself and commented on my shirt, considering that it was a shirt with my old high school on it. I talked with him briefly before going to my friends and he proceeded to follow me. He stopped me and asked me if come Monday he could take me to dinner, get to know me. Well that told me one) I didn't pass today and two) that I had another guy asking me out. I panicked.

I had a sick feeling in my stomach the whole class period and when my gma picked me up I told her. Instead of her understanding she began to demand to know why I didn't want to go out with a guy she didn't even know. I tried to tell her a good excuse but she didn't take any of them and continued to demand.So I finally said it wasn't my devision considering Sherlock joke. She didn't take it as one.

She looked at me and said "You're really using the gay card on me??" then stopped talking to me completely.

So after we got home she sat down and refused to talk to me and gpa took me with him to get plant food and his medication. While we were in the car he listened to me as I sobbed and told him how I felt. When we got his medication and as we were driving to Lowes I finally admitted that I was trans to him and he took it extremely well. So there was a plus.

Any that's kind of been my day.

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