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Monday, January 7th, 2013 01:03 am
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Welp, I decided to wait to get a rabbit; I didn't have the funds for it at the moment but I am getting everything needed for it one thing at a time. Tomorrow I am going to get a cage from one of my friends and a hutch for it as well from an old teacher of mine.I checked for items to buy it in an attempt to find out how much it would cost for me to own one and was surprised I need only a small sum of cash. I will admit I am a bit sad because of that but I will get it all in due time, most likely after I get a job.

As for crochet; I got a starter kit this morning and just learned how to do it 4 hours ago and have already mastered single and dubble crossed stitch! That's a pretty big deal for me considering that I am not normally so quick to learn something, it was a wonderful experiance. I have been practicing for a few hours and now feel pretty confident in what I have learned so far. Hopfully when the week is over I will be able to actually start on a scarf.

Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to go on a job hunt hurrah, hopefully I will be able to get a job pretty easily. I really do need something to do beside sit around all day and get into other TV series and crocheting now a days.A job would be nice as would getting back to classes, man it's crazy. I actually must admit that I love the fact that I crave learning now instead of begging and pleading for time off it.

The only thing I really enjoy about my free time is the ability to roleplay when I want but other than that, nothing much.
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