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Hello everyone! I have a quick question.

For a while now my one and only chest binder has been ripping due to the fact my grandparents put it in the washer and it shrunk. Now I am seeking to get 3 new ones. Sadly that can be anywhere from $89.00 plus tax to-119.99 plus tax. I, sadly, only have around $17 to my name.
So-I am thinking about selling my DVDs, cosplays, and mangas. I guess what I'm asking was if they were in good condition would anyone be willing to buy any? The most I would sell my mangas for would be around $5 each. The DVDs would be a bit more but not to much. (Except a box set in my possession.)

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Thursday, January 10th, 2013 08:08 pm
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So recently my grandparents became unemployeed and we're struggling a bit for money as well as I need a few things. These things inlude anime and manga that I no longer watch or read. Most of them are in extremely good condition; I take extremely good care of all my books treating them all like my Bibles. The only ones that aren't treated well were ones my friends had borrowed and will cost much less.
Anyways I need money for college books, a new computer,GMX money, and to hopefully help with the bills a bit. So any bit of money would be awesome.
Good condition manga will be $5 each instead of the original $10 that I bought them. If you're interested then please let me know because I will only make a paypal if I know for sure that things I post will sell. So with that said lets get this show on the road


-Absolute Boyfriend 1
-Aishiteruze Baby 1-3
-Fruits Basket 1-23 + fanbook-cat-
-Full Metal Alchemist 1,2,5
-Hetalia 1-2
-Naruto 1,16,17
-Onepiece 1-6
-Reborn 1-2
-Tsubasa 1,16,17
-Tokyo Mew Mew 1
-Tokyo Mew Mew La Mode 2
-Me and My Brother 1-2
-Death Note 1-12 + Another Note:LA BB Murder Case

-Death Note Season 1-2 ($50)
-Lucky Star vol 1 ($5)
-Death Note vol 1 ($5)

If there's anything that catches your eye please let me know <3

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