Saturday, January 5th, 2013 09:33 pm
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Well I'm assuming once school starts I'll be having a bit of a hard time doing things like apping for games on here. I have one week to work on the app I want to get finished which would be for Aziraphale so wish me luck.
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Man, when I made him on entranceway I really didn't think about it. In actuality I didn't think I would ever say what he was because I didn't think he would want anyone, he never dated anyone in the series. He's a bit to shy for a normal relationship as well as paranoid, if he went back home he could never return and leave whoever he liked behind possibly forever and that's something he would be extremely worried about. But tonight I thought it over; he does have a couple crushes on eway at the moment, most would be pretty obvious though I think one would be surprising to Dev :P

Anyways Sexuality wise Jay is very much pansexual; he would date anyone if he liked them. He has been alone for a long while now, very scared that if he got close to anyone he could possibly bring them to their death, dooming them to a life of running away from an entity no one knows how to stop. But here in wonderland he's more worried about dissapearing and never seeing his significant other again if he did leave. The one thing I'm seeing happening with one of his crushes if Jay having a break down over the fact that once Alex permanently goes home m!Alex might not exist and he definately won't see him ever again.

So without further ado here is his crushes. Currently he only has two, both seem pretty obvious to me but here we go anyways:

Mirror Alex: He's amazing and he made him feel amazing and normal and loved and Jay just adores this man.

Tim: It's a slight crush and I'm not sure if it's because he was honestly someone he wants to care about or the fact that they both are working together to get outof the situation at home together.

Just an update

Friday, January 4th, 2013 06:27 pm
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Wow, I have been gone for 5 days? That's crazy, but I do have a good reason I promise everyone.

For the past few days I've been really sick, just a really terrible cold that left me in bed for days. But! It was alright, after all I got to watch the Supernatural seasons 1-4 I got for Christmas and Once Upon a Time DVDs I bought for myself. The few days I was extremely ill I acted much like a zombie, I was so out of it it was terrible. Also I realized that when I'm sick I don't want to read, I would rather be lazy and sleep under layers of blankets than actually being productive and get up and grab a book less than a yard from me.

The last day I was extremely ill I was taken to my aunts for a New Years/my grandfathers birthday. I was originally made to sit on the couch under blankets and watch the Doctor Who marathon that was on the telly. In the end I was dragged into the dining room to play a card game called 21 31. It was a pretty swell game and I found myself into it, going as far as being the second to last finished with it. I brought home prizes; just a picture frame and a funny book that was for Christmas. We then had some dinner and all spent time together before they brought out the cake; it was amazing, really rich, but amazing.

Yesterday I was asked to clean my room because I'm getting a rabbit this weekend which is honest to god really exciting to me. But as I was cleaning and organizing my room I organized my fandom things and sent pictures to people who are in the same fandoms that I'm in. It was really nice to possibly gain another friend that is in my college due to the fact that I will be able to make more friends there that she will be willing to introduce to me. So thank god for fandoms because I'm gaining more friends hell yes guys.

I'm starting classes in 10 days, during that time I will be still rping as much as I can. Currently the loudest voice in my head is Jay from Marble Hornets who's been in my head for over a year now. (Wow!) and there is also the newest and also pretty loud voice of Aziraphale who wants to get out and spread his wings a bit, apparently my inability and laziness to read has left the angel in my head a tad bit disgusted, I'm sure he'll be happy with me sooner or later, after all my book case is filling up quickly. it's almost completely full.

So! As for the rabbit I'm getting monday. I haven't decided which one I am getting for sure considering how quickly they sell but there is one I would love to own. It's a little smokey gray rabbit, very calm and loving towards people and doesn't struggle at all when you attempt to pick it up. It was very loving and absolutely adorable. I'm unsure if I am going to name it HABIT after a slenderseries character or Azi after Aziraphale but I will hopefully decide once the day comes.

New muses

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 08:09 pm
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I have 3 new muses on the way. They will be posted on the muse list by the time I get them all made.


Saturday, December 8th, 2012 09:54 pm
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Jay:[personal profile] thisisthescript
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon:Entry 64
Game:[community profile] entranceway
mirrorself:[personal profile] reflectivepartier
Activity:I have to return some videotapes

Tim:[personal profile] smokebreak
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon: entry 18

Patrick/Michael:[personal profile] insanitywalking
Canon: MLAndersen0
Point in canon:Going Away Present
mirrorself:[personal profile] puresanity

Jonathan:[personal profile] makeheavenofhell
Canon: Were the World Mine
Point in Canon: After given love potion.
Activity: n/a

Castiel:[personal profile] littletoyangel
Point in canon: Season 5

The Rake:[personal profile] rakeisalwayswatching
Canon: EverymanHYBRID
Point in Canon: still deciding

John Watson: [personal profile] owesyousomuch
Canon:BBC Sherlock
Point in canon: end of season 2
Game:[community profile] the_library
Activity:Community practically dead

Brian:[personal profile] outtogetsnacks
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon: current

Aziraphale Fell:[personal profile] therightthing
Canon:Good Omens
Point in canon:Realizing had The Nice and Accurate Prophacies of Agnes Nutter Witch in the back of Crowley's car
Game:Will be apping at [community profile] entranceway

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