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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 11:28 pm
vicwithacam: (slendy)
So last night I was minding my own buisness when a friend of mine skyped me. We hadn't talked for a while so I happily looked at their IM before seeing them telling me to try watching Lost Girl. Now currently I just got into a shitload of fandoms. Books, TV shows, etc. I didn't feel I had time to that was until she said Slenderman was in it.

Now I know a few of you are rolling your eyes and thinking I'm the person who played slender and became a fan that way. Nope.Not true. I've been into slenderman for years now, actually I found out about him in around 2010 or so and fell for the wonderful Marble Hornet series soon after.

Since Marble Hornets came out I've found it a bit hard to find fans until low and behold that Slender game came out and kind of ruined it. I mean I see girls and guys saying they think Slendy just wants a friend and others that say they want to fuck him and I'm just kind of done. But to hear Lost girl came out and made him scary again is just amazing.

So I tried watching the first season and low and behold I adore the show far more than I should. So does anyone else like it? I must know more Lost girl fans.

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