New Job!

Friday, May 31st, 2013 05:32 pm
vicwithacam: (me?)
Well I had a job interview a couple weeks ago and was super nervous. The first job interview I had was absolutely terrible and I have a feeling I ended up giving a bad first impression due to nerves. Thankfully though this one I was relaxed and happy to meet the manager who was to interview me. He was nice and really cool to talk with during my interview and for once I was smiling and laughing during the interview.
The last question of the interview was about why I chose to try to work at Taco Bell in which I told him a heart felt statement that I myself was impressed with. He smiled and asked me to do a second interview on Monday.
Monday rolled around and I expected to meet with the manager again but instead I met with another manager named Katie. She was pretty nice to and after a couple questions she told me I was hired. I ordered my uniform and a week later it was in.
My first day at work was this Wends and I had such a nice time. It's been pretty neat so far and I'm happy to be working there. So that's about it with me.

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