christmas time

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 12:13 am
vicwithacam: (dean/castiel)
Well Christmas went well.
Present wise I got a couple things I really really am excited about; I went to a mall with my grandparents and they told me I could pick out what I wanted. I scurried about excitedly wondering what I would get but found nothing for the longest time. I went to the mall directory and saw FYE was still there, I assumed it had been long gone and they had just kept it on the map.
Instead I went to a few other stores before asked if I was ready to go; having not found anything I asked to go to two other stores that most teenagers enjoy.Hot Topic due to the fact they now sell Doctor Who merchandise and Spencers because they have awesome hats and outfits. As we walked down the halls I found FYE still shining in all it's glory awaiting me. I instead high tailed it into there excitedly and looked around and came back with a handfull of things.
I got a Doctor Who shirt, nightlight, socks, and hat. It was wonderful and I haven't taken the hat off since I got it.

Tomorrow I am headed to my aunts, I heard that she got me Supernatural things and am hoping she bought me a couple Supernatural seasons. That's about all the things I have gotten but this christmas was almost like a fadomness then anything. Hope you all had a good christmas <3

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