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Friday, January 4th, 2013 06:27 pm
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Wow, I have been gone for 5 days? That's crazy, but I do have a good reason I promise everyone.

For the past few days I've been really sick, just a really terrible cold that left me in bed for days. But! It was alright, after all I got to watch the Supernatural seasons 1-4 I got for Christmas and Once Upon a Time DVDs I bought for myself. The few days I was extremely ill I acted much like a zombie, I was so out of it it was terrible. Also I realized that when I'm sick I don't want to read, I would rather be lazy and sleep under layers of blankets than actually being productive and get up and grab a book less than a yard from me.

The last day I was extremely ill I was taken to my aunts for a New Years/my grandfathers birthday. I was originally made to sit on the couch under blankets and watch the Doctor Who marathon that was on the telly. In the end I was dragged into the dining room to play a card game called 21 31. It was a pretty swell game and I found myself into it, going as far as being the second to last finished with it. I brought home prizes; just a picture frame and a funny book that was for Christmas. We then had some dinner and all spent time together before they brought out the cake; it was amazing, really rich, but amazing.

Yesterday I was asked to clean my room because I'm getting a rabbit this weekend which is honest to god really exciting to me. But as I was cleaning and organizing my room I organized my fandom things and sent pictures to people who are in the same fandoms that I'm in. It was really nice to possibly gain another friend that is in my college due to the fact that I will be able to make more friends there that she will be willing to introduce to me. So thank god for fandoms because I'm gaining more friends hell yes guys.

I'm starting classes in 10 days, during that time I will be still rping as much as I can. Currently the loudest voice in my head is Jay from Marble Hornets who's been in my head for over a year now. (Wow!) and there is also the newest and also pretty loud voice of Aziraphale who wants to get out and spread his wings a bit, apparently my inability and laziness to read has left the angel in my head a tad bit disgusted, I'm sure he'll be happy with me sooner or later, after all my book case is filling up quickly. it's almost completely full.

So! As for the rabbit I'm getting monday. I haven't decided which one I am getting for sure considering how quickly they sell but there is one I would love to own. It's a little smokey gray rabbit, very calm and loving towards people and doesn't struggle at all when you attempt to pick it up. It was very loving and absolutely adorable. I'm unsure if I am going to name it HABIT after a slenderseries character or Azi after Aziraphale but I will hopefully decide once the day comes.


Sunday, December 30th, 2012 12:38 am
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Well I'm currently looking into a job.

"Why?" one may be asking at the moment well currently I'm looking into going to a school out of the USA, actually in Scotland if I can. It's going to take me a year to get there. If I can't then that's fine; help me save up for GMX and working on moving out with my friends.
I also need new things such as A new Laptop, plane money for trips, etc. Looking foreward to getting a job, it's gonna be awesome getting money XD.Maybe the book stores will hire me; I would adore that.

School starting

Friday, December 28th, 2012 10:26 pm
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I am actually pretty excited about this to a degree. After all college is pretty nice and I can do a pretty good job in things like English. I have 2 classes this semester; English and Math.

Now FYI I hate math but English? Oh goodness do I love English. I'm a reader and writer so it should be a fairly simple class to go through. My grammer leaves much to be desired though that is due to the fact my school never really taught us surprisingly. No one in my class are any good at that sort of thing and it's a problem I as a writer have to deal with more than my fellow classmates.

English I can do a brilliant job if my mind keeps up with it.It's only two days a week for about 2 and a half hours and trust me when I say I can last that long in class. English will be wonderful and I am terribly excited. As for math?

I have that for 3 days a week, an hour a day. And That's much later in the day, I should be able to do it and get a fairly good grade on it as long as I work hard and attempt to learn instead of shutting it off while the teacher attempts to explain.

Going back to school used to be something I despised but things have been going down hill for me at home; my dad got out of prison and he's dissapeared, now theres a warrant out for his arrest and my brother won't even tell me where my dad is so I can make sure he's ok. He didn't even call for christmas which is a bit stressfull but whatever.
Anyways tomorrow I'm going to a friend's home to hang out with their wonderful family and possibly watch Torchwood and Doctor Who.

And as of June I may very well be leaving this State and heading off to get away from my dad huzzah.

christmas time

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 12:13 am
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Well Christmas went well.
Present wise I got a couple things I really really am excited about; I went to a mall with my grandparents and they told me I could pick out what I wanted. I scurried about excitedly wondering what I would get but found nothing for the longest time. I went to the mall directory and saw FYE was still there, I assumed it had been long gone and they had just kept it on the map.
Instead I went to a few other stores before asked if I was ready to go; having not found anything I asked to go to two other stores that most teenagers enjoy.Hot Topic due to the fact they now sell Doctor Who merchandise and Spencers because they have awesome hats and outfits. As we walked down the halls I found FYE still shining in all it's glory awaiting me. I instead high tailed it into there excitedly and looked around and came back with a handfull of things.
I got a Doctor Who shirt, nightlight, socks, and hat. It was wonderful and I haven't taken the hat off since I got it.

Tomorrow I am headed to my aunts, I heard that she got me Supernatural things and am hoping she bought me a couple Supernatural seasons. That's about all the things I have gotten but this christmas was almost like a fadomness then anything. Hope you all had a good christmas <3

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 11:37 pm
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Just watched Rise of the Gardians today to see what everyone was ranting and raving about. I had heard it was good but never thought it was that good. It had amazing character development and I fell in love with every single one of the characters. The voice actors were pretty super, the only one I had a bit of a problem with was Jack's voice but after about 20 minutes of hearing it I started to like it.
The story line was amazing and I can see why Pitch became bitter because he was alone. Lonliness does things to people; not just in this story but in others as well such as Sherlock and Doctor who. We see the involvment of other lonliness with certain characters; some become loving and caring of others while the others become cruel and evil. Jack and Pitch were involved in similar lives; both weren't noticed by people for the longest time and they longed to be seen but the paths changed when Jack became a gardian. He wasn't seen at first but after a bit of hope he was seen.
It was really well done, perfect storyline, I loved it. 5 out of 5

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Monday, December 24th, 2012 06:35 pm
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I may be attempting to learn how to crochet strictly because I could probably get some good money off it and it would be fun doing while catching up on TV shows.
Good or bad ideas guys?
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The night air was cold as it pierced through the mirrors jacket, digging into his skin like small needles as he walked along the narrow alleyway towards Jay’s and his hotel room. After nearly a full month out of the mirror world to make sure Jay was safe Alex had become accustomed to the regular world and the sometimes scary moments one can be in. Being out in the middle of the night in a shady neighborhood had been one of the moments he had assumed he had been ready for- after all Alex had seen his fair share of scary movies, knew how to handle a situation if one were to arise. That’s why he had found it so hilarious when Jay asked him to stay in and wait for morning before going out into the neighborhood to get groceries, but Alex couldn’t help but laugh and tell him that Jay’s growling stomach was telling him different.
He had worn Jay’s brown jacket, the one that had been given to him many years ago from Alex’s own regular when they hadn’t been paranoid of everyone and thing. It was worn yet warm; it smelled like Jay which also brought the mirror more comfort than he would have admitted. Jay had given him a strange look when Alex had asked to wear it; after all Alex was more of the type who wanted to wear such bright colors to catch the attention of others instead of something so ugly and dull. The only two bright things on his body were a scarf that had been knitted years ago by Jay’s mirror, a young man who had made him the scarf as a Christmas gift and a silk peach colored ribbon he tied to his arm that had been given to him from Jay for his birthday. Both gifts he loved and cherished more than anything he had brought over to the world he was now staying in.
Alex walked out of the alleyway with a smile on his face as he walked towards the parking lot a crossed the street of the hotel where Jay was waiting for him. They would see him walk into the room and Jay would smile slightly as he got up from the bed or the desk, close his laptop, before walking over to him and hugging him tightly welcoming him back. It was something that Jay was still getting used to, being so caring and able to hug someone without getting nervous but the month Alex had been there had done wonders on Jay’s mood and actions. He seldom hid anything anymore and when he did it was because he had a good reason to do it instead of just the excuse that he believed he would be thought of as crazy. The hotel would be warm and welcoming, the heater would buzz softly in the background as Jay uploaded the latest entry as he talked about Tim helping him now and making him feel like he wasn’t as crazy as he believed just months before. Oh how Alex was so happy that Tim was actually helping Jay instead of attempting to fight with him 24 hours like he had weeks before.
He stopped at the front door to his phone ringing, he picked it up happily and leaned against the wall as he listened to Jay’s voice asking him if he was ok. Oh how Jay worried, it was absolutely adorable.
“Yeah, babe, I’m totally fine. I’m right outside the hotel building ok? I’ll be in our room in a sec.” he closed the phone happily and stuffed it back in his tight skinny jean pocket before leaning down and grabbing the bags once again to take up to his boyfriend. He walked into the dumpy lobby and looked around a moment to make sure there was no one suspicious looking to hurt either him or follow him up to their room and hurt Jay as well. The coast appeared to be clear so Alex smiled happily and headed for the stairs.
Normally Jay wanted to get a room downstairs; it was always easier to run out of the hotel that way in case the thing that followed them showed up again. But as time with the mirror continued on Jay became more and more comfortable staying up on the different floors and found, to his surprise, that he had asked for a room on the fourth floor instead of the first. The rooms up there were much nicer than the ones below, but the climb up to it definitely wasn’t, if only the elevator wasn’t out of service Alex would be in the room right now getting it on with his boyfriend.
Alex went up the concrete steps, listening to the footsteps echo up and down the stairwell as he slowly made his way towards the floor he longed to be before he heard a door up ahead open and footsteps heading down. That wouldn’t be a problem, Alex thought as he stepped to the side to give the other person room. A man appeared on the steps in front of him; their brown eyes looked down at the groceries in Alex’s hand and the money that was slipping out of their pockets as the mirror said a soft hello towards them attempting to be friendly before trying to slip past them. The man scooted in front of him once again, blocking his path before pulling a gun out, his hand shaking as he held it towards Alex’s chest.
“G-Give me your wallet.” The man said shakily, Alex’s eyes widened a fraction before nodding a bit and slowly moving to set the groceries down so he could take out his hello kitty wallet that was in his back pocket. He moved his hands out cautiously and grabbed out his wallet trying not to shake as the man yelled at him to hurry up and give him the money.
Another door swung open and someone let out a scream when they noticed someone being robbed causing the man to pull the trigger, firing a single shot. Alex stared wide eyed as he felt pain in his stomach, putting his hand on the wound a moment in disbelief before pulling back and noticing the blood coming up with it. The man took the wallet and ran down the stairs hurriedly as Alex fell to the floor holding his side in pain as blood began to puddle around him. His last thought was worrying about Jay being upset that he got his beloved jacket dirty and never seeing that smile ever again. Jay would be alone without anyone caring for him like the mirror had. He started to cry as he heard the doors open and his name being screamed by the man he loved.
“Goodbye Jay, be good for me babe.”

New muses

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 08:09 pm
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I have 3 new muses on the way. They will be posted on the muse list by the time I get them all made.


Sunday, December 9th, 2012 07:38 pm
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This will be a long list so I apologize:

Doctor Who
4)11/River Song



Marble Hornets
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1)Interesting plot
2)At least 5 players within it before apping.
3)Little to no drama
4)Good castmates

Games played:
1)[community profile] entranceway
2)[community profile] the_library

Games looking into:
1)[community profile] bigapplesauce
2)[community profile] the_free_zone
3)[community profile] ryansgulch


Saturday, December 8th, 2012 09:54 pm
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Jay:[personal profile] thisisthescript
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon:Entry 64
Game:[community profile] entranceway
mirrorself:[personal profile] reflectivepartier
Activity:I have to return some videotapes

Tim:[personal profile] smokebreak
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon: entry 18

Patrick/Michael:[personal profile] insanitywalking
Canon: MLAndersen0
Point in canon:Going Away Present
mirrorself:[personal profile] puresanity

Jonathan:[personal profile] makeheavenofhell
Canon: Were the World Mine
Point in Canon: After given love potion.
Activity: n/a

Castiel:[personal profile] littletoyangel
Point in canon: Season 5

The Rake:[personal profile] rakeisalwayswatching
Canon: EverymanHYBRID
Point in Canon: still deciding

John Watson: [personal profile] owesyousomuch
Canon:BBC Sherlock
Point in canon: end of season 2
Game:[community profile] the_library
Activity:Community practically dead

Brian:[personal profile] outtogetsnacks
canon:Marble Hornets
Point in canon: current

Aziraphale Fell:[personal profile] therightthing
Canon:Good Omens
Point in canon:Realizing had The Nice and Accurate Prophacies of Agnes Nutter Witch in the back of Crowley's car
Game:Will be apping at [community profile] entranceway

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