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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 06:22 pm
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Well considering we are talking adventures from school I thought I would let everyone know what happened today.
I was really excited about heading to school today because Quinnton was going to be there to chill out at the pride center. We texted each other as I headed to school; he was taking science and apparently talking about the earths crust made him think about pizza and he was starving. So once we both finished with class I took him to the caffeteria to get something to eat.
We get there and found out to his dismay that there was no pizza being sold so we went to the mall acrossed the street to get him some pizza. The food court was almost completely empty as we walked over to the pizza area. He ordered pizza while I went to grab a drink for myself.
We sat together and just talked. It's really weird for me considering I'm normally really shy around people and then he and everett showed up and I opened up to them and the pride center immediatly. I'm myself and that's awesome as hell. We walked back to the pride center and joked around on the way over.When we walked into the pride center there were three others talking happily and him and I sat together on the floor and hung out until he had to go to class.
Friday him and I are going to subway and chilling out, it's going to be pretty great.

Another question for my readers: I've been thinking about putting my story up here. Like my life so you all have an idea on who I am and stuff. It's pretty depressing but would anyone want to read it or should I just not even bother putting it up here?
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