Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 01:14 am
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So today my grandparents were talking of heading to go get groceries and let me go to the mall and shop for a bit. I first went to Best Buy wanting to get the 5th season of Supernatural. Mind you I got into the show maybe 3 months ago, and am now on season 5 of the series, in absolute love with all of the characters.
Plus: I found the DVD for $44.99 and was a bit worried, after all I only had $71 dollars on me. I had gone wanting to get season 5 and 6 so when 8 came out I could get 7-8 and then watch 9. I went to the checkout and took $50 out of my wallet when the cashier told me I only owed them $30.30 which was awesome for me. I paid it and went on my way, planning on getting season 6 when I got back to college next Monday.

I walked to the second mall acrossed the street and bought another book by Neil Gaiman called "Neverwhere" it looks beautiful. I also bought myself a Hobbit bookmark of Bilbo Baggins. So TV shows to watch and Books to read what could make it better? Welp, a friend is coming over in a couple days to come hang out; it's nice considering she enjoys Good Omens, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Torchwood, etc.
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