Friday, January 18th, 2013

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So today I went to have pizza for an hour with Everett, Quinnton, and a girl named Marian who is from the pride center.We talked about all sorts of things there from fandoms, books, schooling, traveling all over the place, ect. It turned out all of them were cosplayers and we found ourselves excitedly talking about contacts, wigs, and costumes before I looked at my clock on my phone. It was 5 minutes before Quin's class, I quickly alerted him and he simply shrugged, having to much of a good time before we all continued into our conversations.
Everett got up and spent 5 dollars trying to play the claw games in the arcade area of the pizza place while Quin, Marian, and myself continued talking a bit contently. It was an insanely wonderful time. When it was finally time to leave we all happily got out from our seats and when asked what we wanted to do from there on (Because by this time Quin's class was long over) Marian quickly shouted "The mall!"
Everett drived us litterally acrossed the street to the mall, on the way we went through his ipod and blasted Blink 182 like 8th graders trying to attempt at being cool. Quin, thinking it would be a good idea to party in the back started 'dancing', head banding until his glasses fell off and ironically through his nose ring before painfully being pulled out by him. That was the immediate sign to him to stop being such a party animal while the driver and other people seated throughout the car were unable to party with him.
I contacted my grandmother considering that she was supposed to pick me up after one and she told me that she wouldn't be there for a while. We relaxed and looked at contact lenses before Everett happily mentioned that if we had nothing to do for an hour we could always go to a cosplay wig store in the town that he went to for all his cosplay wigs and contacts.
I attempted to contact my grandmother and let her know but she didn't pick up so I shrugged it off and hopped back into the car with them before we started out way down the road passed the other mall. Before we were able to pass it my grandma texted me 'I'll be there in 20 minutes' which to my dismay made me ask them to drop me off at the mall before they looked at cosplay. They awwed and booed before letting me out and I sadly walked into Barnes and Nobles while my friends continued to have a great time.

Skip to tonight; I finished Good Omens for a second time and realized that it still gives me feels. I set it on my bookshelf where my old books I had gotten from France and England were patiently waiting for me before I took one I got after that trip. I picked up the thick book 'The Stand' By Stephen King. So far I'm on Chapter 2 and surprised how quickly it delved into things. Everyone said it was really boring until around page 50. I'm finding it already exciting- I can't wait to get further into it.

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