Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

School Started

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 12:47 am
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Alright so school started monday nice and early, I was excited to be starting my class but most importantly seeing friends that I hadn't in nearly a month. My friend who's dad was recently in the hospital greated me and I gave her an old Doctor Whoves shirt that my ex had given to me. Her dad is doing much better. We spoke a bit more before another friend of hers showed up and spoke with us both before recognizing me and apologizing for not realizing who I was before. I have terrible memory and had forgotten him myself so I apologized as well before he reminded me that he was the creator of the pride center of my college and told me I was welcome there any time.

Now I wasn't originally going to tell anyone this because I don't think it was important, after all I am male but I am transgendered (ftm to be completely honest.) and I don't really want to admit it due to the fact that I don't want people to think of me as less of a male. But I digress; I went to math class soon after and my teacher was amazingly nice, she had a good sense of humor and had a wit about her that I adored. Also a plus she told us straight off there will be absolutely no homework in her class (:D) she told us that we needed to study in case we had surprise quizes. Now when I went to a study I was happy to realize this math is what I took in 8th grade and am confident I will pass it.

After she called roll she began talking about her requirments for the class and right in mid sentance there was an extremely annoying sound of the fire alarm going off. She sighed, rolled her eyes as if this sort of thing happened a lot before irecting us down the stairs and to the parking lot. We were let out of the class early and I went immediatly to the pride center to chill.

Now in my school I assumed I was the only transman on the whole campus. Actually I was fairly certain of it. I went into the pride center and found it surprisingly fuller than it had been the semester earlier. There was at least 10 people in there besides myself. One of them named Denna who is a mtf who I think will become a really close friend of mine was missing from there. So I sat down and talked with the others in the room before I heard the door open and I saw Denna with a young man. Everett was his name, he was super nice, into the same stuff I was, as well as a cosplayer.
We hit it off almost immediatly before Denna started talking about another young transman who she had met earlier that she was going to bring to the pride center after his class was finished. We waited contently, everett and I talked about all sorts of things from Supernatural, to Doctor Who, to even (to my surprise) Marble Hornets. Then Denna left and came up with the young man Quinton who mind you is absolutely amazing.
He looked a bit uncomfortable at first but after a bit of talking with Everett and myself he settled down and was super nice. It was a lovely day, we all exchanged numbers, and it's just the nicest thing.

Skip to today: I was unable to see either of the two sadly because my only class of the day started after they left for home. So I went to class and was surprised how confidant I was and the fact that I was passing as a male, it's a pretty big deal to me and I can't begin to describe how exciting it was to be considered one of the guys.
Class started; the teacher was amazing. She was sweet and funny, she kind of reminded me of my old 6th grade teacher who is still very close to me. She joked around with the class and even got one of the wilder guys to admit she was by far his most favorite teacher in the school that he's had. We wasted 45 minutes just visiting and getting to know her before she started role call. Now in math class I had been more or less ok with being called by my birthname due to the class being so large (roughly 100 or more students), no one looked to see who was called in the math class. English was another thing; there was about 45 students at the most in the class room, all of us were already getting along and when the teacher spoke the names were loud and you had to be loud for her to hear you. She went down the list slowly, calling girls pretty, commenting on other people and smiling happily. When she got to the Ls I realizined a)she's going to call my birth name, everyone will know I wasn't born male and b)I will no longer be able to pass as male in this class ever again.
She got to my name, I crindged before slowly saying a soft "here." my voice has been trained to be lower so when she heard my voice she looked up. She saw my face and said my birthname again questioningly as if she couldn't believe this boy in her class had a girly name, she double took on my appearance before moving on. I looked down, had a bad feeling in my stomach and waited for class to be over.
After class everyone left and I talked to her about two things. One thing is that there is a lot of things that has and could possibly happen in my family after she told the class things had happened to her and she may go through crying spells in the middle of class. I asked her straight out if it was possible if I could get up from my desk and hug her if she ever did cry and she said yes, immediatly got up and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I told her that I had a lot going on in my own family and that I had crying spells every now and then and I would have loved for someone to hug me so I would do it for someone else if the occasion arrived.
After that I was about to leave and asked her if she could please change my name on the roll call to just vic. She immediatly did and hugged me one last time and she was the first ever adult I ever came out to in my real life. She was really nice about it and told me she was there for me, that she loved and cared for all her students, that if I needed anything I could talk to her. She was the nicest thing.
I get the feeling that this school semester is going to be great.

Today at school

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 06:22 pm
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Well considering we are talking adventures from school I thought I would let everyone know what happened today.
I was really excited about heading to school today because Quinnton was going to be there to chill out at the pride center. We texted each other as I headed to school; he was taking science and apparently talking about the earths crust made him think about pizza and he was starving. So once we both finished with class I took him to the caffeteria to get something to eat.
We get there and found out to his dismay that there was no pizza being sold so we went to the mall acrossed the street to get him some pizza. The food court was almost completely empty as we walked over to the pizza area. He ordered pizza while I went to grab a drink for myself.
We sat together and just talked. It's really weird for me considering I'm normally really shy around people and then he and everett showed up and I opened up to them and the pride center immediatly. I'm myself and that's awesome as hell. We walked back to the pride center and joked around on the way over.When we walked into the pride center there were three others talking happily and him and I sat together on the floor and hung out until he had to go to class.
Friday him and I are going to subway and chilling out, it's going to be pretty great.

Another question for my readers: I've been thinking about putting my story up here. Like my life so you all have an idea on who I am and stuff. It's pretty depressing but would anyone want to read it or should I just not even bother putting it up here?

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